A place to find peace and relaxation. Enjoy the view!

Residents and visitors alike come to Tenakee Springs to bask in the beauty and enjoy what the area has to offer. One may paddle in on a kayak, another may wander in from a fishing boat. Most come by ferry or seaplane. Artists find inspiration, adventurers find a story, fishermen find fish and hikers find endless trails and old logging roads to explore.

A must see is Tenakee’s rich history at the Museum located in the bright red building next door to the bathhouse!

Fishing & Hunting

In Southeast Alaska, fishing and hunting is a way of life. Tenakee Inlet my be its meca. 

The calm waters of Tenakee Inlet allow you to enjoy fishing without the uncomfortable queasy feeling of rougher waters.

The inlet is twenty-six miles long and is one of the more nutrient rich inlets in southeast Alaska. These waters attract bait fish which are followed by salmon and whales.

There are about 750,000 salmon that migrate to spawn in the rivers of our inlet. Coho, chum and pink salmon are abundant in the fourteen rivers flowing into Tenakee inlet and may be taken in fresh or salt water.

The largest species of salmon, the Chinook, feed and may be landed in salt water areas near Tenakee Springs. Guided Service can be found at Fishing Bear Charters.


Hunting in paramount in Tenakee and many residents subsist on the nutrient rich deer meat that abounds in the local area.

Whale Watching


With no roads, and miles of trails, hiking is not just a past time, its a primary way to travel in Tenakee. Beautiful rainforest views are laid out along the water, endless picture taking abounds.

Hot Springs

The hot springs are sacred, special and rare. A place to heal your hurt, find your way, and forget your cares. The bath provides many hours of both social and peaceful bliss, it is a special place that must not be missed.


Many a family and single adventurers have stumbled upon Tenakee by sailboat.

They stop in for a refreshing soak in the hot springs, find utopia, and settle in for the long term.