Castle Guard North

Dan Horwath retired after a long career in the Antique Furniture and Restoration business, and he now lives in Tenakee Springs full time. But retirement isn’t easy for someone who loves to keep busy and enjoys the challenge of taking something that is not working and making it new again.

​Castle Guard North is built around an intellectual exercise rather than a business plan. Maintenance and repairs on fishing reels and down riggers are a source of fun for Dan. He also does deep cleaning and minor repairs on firearms.


Castle Guard North sells restored reels and down riggers, and offers emergency loaners or rentals of reels and down riggers. 

​Castle Guard North is a fully licensed gun dealer that sells new and used firearms. He is always willing to trade in-kind, service, or whatever makes the deal work. Dan also does FFL Transfers. 
There are no regular hours, so its best to call or email first.

​Castle Guard North is conveniently located in Tenakee Springs at 604 East Tenakee Ave.

Phone: (907) 736-2213