Tenakee Springs Market

Welcome to Tenakee Springs Market, formally Snyder Mercantile. Tenakee Springs only grocery, hardware, and liquor store. Established in 1899 and across the street from the hot spring bath house.

We are more than a convenience store with nearly anything you need to prepare a gourmet meal, a BBQ on the beach, or a picnic basket for the boat. The bags of chips and sodas are on the shelves along side Gruyere, Gnocchi, Gorgonzola, and Garbanzos. Organic products are plenty. Dairy, artesian cheeses, ice cream, steaks, and frozen pizzas available. You will not go hungry, so travel light and enjoy your plane or ferry ride without heavy luggage of food and beverages.

Local grown produce from Tenakee Springs farmers are sold in season.  Items include onions, garlic, rhubarb, kale, cabbage broccoli, potatoes, green onions, carrots, lettuce, salad mixes, and beets.

Local artists have various items of furs, wild gathered jewelry, kuspuks, knitted items, post cards with paintings or photography prints, and occasional baked goods.

More items on the shelf are fishing supplies, basic home repair parts, minor boat maintenance parts, potting soil, kitchen gadgets, OTC medications, toiletries, tobacco and various sundries of all kinds.

The liquor store is a place for oenology, a place for meadophiles. Distilled spirits, beer and wine sold here. Along with gifts and tools to go with the enjoyment of your beverage for serving, drinking, and displaying.

We accept credit cards, ApplePay, cash, checks, debit cards, Zelle, Venmo and EBT food stamps.

Hours of operation:
11 am – 2 pm


Phone: 907 736-2205
Email: TenakeeMarket@gmail.com 

Enjoy your visit to our little village and don’t miss a soak in the hot springs!