Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Tenakee Springs?

Tenakee Springs is on Chichagoff Island with no road access. To get to Tenakee you must travel by Alaska Marine Highway or book a regularly scheduled flight from Juneau on Alaska Seaplanes or charter a flight on Alaska Seaplanes or Ward Air. You can also travel to Tenakee via private boat or charter boat.

What is the largest international airport closest to Tenakee Springs?

Juneau is the regional transportation hub. Alaska Airlines provides service to and from Juneau.

Where can I find a doctor or a dentist?

Juneau or Sitka are the closest locations that offer doctors and dentists. You can locate them through the Juneau or Sitka yellow pages.

Where can I buy groceries and other goods?

Tenakee Springs has one local grocery store that carries an amazing amount of variety from eggs to hardware. Tenakee Springs Market has been a mainstay in Tenakee springs for over 100 years. Most people in Tenakee also live a subsistence lifestyle and hunt, fish and gather to supplement buying groceries. Tenakee Springs receives barge services four times per year which allows you to ship in supplies. You can also take a trip into Juneau to stock up on items not available in Tenakee.

What type of housing is available in Tenakee Springs?

Housing is tight in Tenakee and is usually found via personal knowledge. Visit the where to stay page to see a list of local rentals.

Recreation? What’s available?

Most recreation is self generated and outdoor oriented. There are some indoor group activities such as contra dancing, and weekly volleyball games, surprisingly enough there is an amazing variety of opportunities for such a small town.

What if there is an emergency?

All local emergency response is by volunteer good Samaritans. They are trained and can provide first aid and basic life support. Tenakee is equipped with a helipad so if an emergency did happen you would be transported by helicopter or plane to a Juneau or Sitka emergency room.

What about employment? What jobs are available?

Local employers include the US Postal services, Chatham School District, City of Tenakee Springs, Tenakee Springs Market, The Bakery, Fishing Bear Charters, Tenakee Fuel, Tenakee Electric, Tenakee Library, the boat harbor as well as some fishing opportunities.